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Alfalfa Insect Pests2.0PM
Animal Digestion0.0Non-CEU
Basics of Soil Formation2.0SW
Beef Development0.0Non-CEU
Corn Processing0.0Non-CEU
Cotton Growth and Development2.0CM
Crop Water Use2.0CM, SW
Crop Weed Interactions1.0PM
Dairy Cattle Industry0.0Non-CEU
Dairy Manure Providing Soil Nutrients2.0NM
Diseases of Crops - Basis and Definitions2.0CM, PD
Diseases of Crops - Foliar Diseases of Corn2.5CM, NM, PD, PM, SW
Ear, Tassel, and Storage Diseases of Corn1.0PM
Early Season Insects in Corn2.5CM, NM, PD, PM, SW
European Corn Borer2.0PM
Fan Performance0.0Non-CEU
Feed Formulation0.0Non-CEU
Forage Grass Identification and Morphology2.0CM
Forage Growth and Development1.5CM
Forage Legume Identification2.5CM, NM, PD, PM, SW
Forage Legume Morphology2.0CM
Forages in Crop Rotation2.5CM, NM, PD, PM, SW
Goss's Bacterial Wilt1.0PM
Grain & Oilseed Basics0.0Non-CEU
Grain & Oilseed Risk0.0Non-CEU
Grain Aeration0.0Non-CEU
Grain Chain Analysis0.0Non-CEU
Grain Drying Economics0.0Non-CEU
Grain Storage Economics0.0Non-CEU
Identity Preserved Crops: Equipment Clean-out2.0CM
Importance of Corn Hybrid Selection on Dairy Profitability2.0CM
Incorporating Prairies into Multicultural Landscapes2.0CM
Increasing Pesticide Efficacy Through Proper Application Technique2.0PM
Integrated Pest Management in a Controlled Environment2.0PM
Kura Clover2.5CM, NM, PD, PM, SW
Managing Soil Temperature and Soil Water2.0SW
Managing Weeds1.0PM
Medicated Feed0.0Non-CEU
Midwest Grape Management : Disease Management2.5CM, NM, PD, PM, SW
Midwest Grape Management : Insect Management1.5PM
Mycotoxins 1: Mycotoxin Development0.0Non-CEU
Mycotoxins 2: Best Practices in Handling and Testing0.0Non-CEU
Non Structural Carbohydrates in Forages1.5CM
Non-Grain By-Products0.0Non-CEU
Oilseed Processing0.0Non-CEU
Pasture Renovation3.0CM
Plant and Animal Factors in Grazing Management1.0CM
Poultry Industry0.0Non-CEU
Preventative Maintenance0.0Non-CEU