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CAI wins awards for Agronomy education.

11/16/200 | Category: News

The Crop Adviser Institute (CAI) at Iowa State University,  won five education awards at the recent American Society of Agronomy meetings in New Orleans.  The A4 Educational Materials program judges different educational materials for their excellence in education for the Agronomy field.

The awards that the CAI received are for excellence in creating computer and internet-run programs for Certified Crop Advisers (CCA) and other agricultural professionals.  These modules, available on the CAI website ( are made to help explain concepts on a range of topics that are available for download or for viewing online.

Congratulations to the winners of these awards.

The winners include:

  • Forage Legume Identification      (Craig Sheaffer, Kristine Moncada)
  • Forage Legume Morphology       (Craig Sheaffer, Kristine Moncada)
  • Soybean Rust 2007                   (Daren Mueller, X.B. Yang, Brent Brueland, Alison Robertson)
  • Forages in Crop Rotation             (Allan J. Ciha, Craig Sheaffer, Mary Wiedenhoeft)
  • Soybean Aphid 2007                    (Palle Pedersen, Marlin Rice, Brian Lang, Matt O’Neal)